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About Us

Starting our operations in 1994, FSL International Manpower & Promotion Services, Inc. started as a provider for Overseas Talents for its principals in Japan, after a change of management, which have been composed of exceptionally experienced group of people in the field of recruitment, partnered with our main principal in Singapore for more than 19 years, we are now, the leading agency in deploying healthcare workers, mainly nurses and doctors in most of the largest hospitals in Singapore. Over the years, we take pride in helping over thousands of Filipino workers to realize their dreams in working abroad. 

Driven by our goal to always become the best in our field, complemented by our best practices throughout the years, we live by our reputation to operate at the highest levels. Our strong commitment to responsible business practices is reflected in everything we do. We strive to provide a great environment for our clients, dealing with them in the most professional manner that will reflect our sincerity and integrity.

Charging it to experience, we have been very exceptional in reformulating our strategies to be responsive to the ever growing demands of the International market. We continuously upgrade our systems for more reliable and efficient man pooling. Secured and consistently updated database helps us to systematically handle all applications, alleviating human errors and speeding up processes. We are also partnered with some of the Philippines’ largest Job sites that provide a centralized pool of Filipino talents. Over the years, we have also developed a stable and wide network of connections with key personnel in the field of overseas employment throughout the country, to establish a name, well-known to the concerned public.

At present, FSL International Manpower looks forward to giving more opportunities to our growing number of clients both skilled and professionals. Having steady business with our principals from Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait, we are now expanding and looking forward to helping more Filipino workers to reach their dreams.



FSL International Manpower has always been known for our effective and successful recruitment events. Our expertise in handling large recruitment activities simply makes us the agency of choice for those who have large number of manpower request. We also regularly participate in Job events throughout the country to effectively advertise our job placements and have a larger network of talents.

Our Mission

FSL International Manpower is committed to provide exceptional and efficient recruitment services in order to give our clients access to the best talents in the market. We strive to ensure we have quality assured services and endeavor to exceed expectations of those companies and individuals we come into contact with. We take it as our social responsibility to improve the lives of the families of our fellow Filipino workers by providing them decent, well-compensated and secure jobs abroad.

Our Vision

We will become the Number One Land-based Manpower Provider in the Philippines, adhering to the guidelines provided by the Philippine Government to prioritize the welfare of our fellow Filipino workers. We will provide only the best talents that will fit the requirements and exceed the expectations of both our clients and candidates.